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Most frequent questions and answers

Our tablets are manufactured in Edmonton, AB, Canada.

Our tablets meet the government requirements for fluoride in toothpaste and have the approval of Health Canada.

The American and Canadian Dental Association do not have a category for toothpaste tablets for their Seal programs.

But they are working on the standards development for measuring Fluoride in the tablets and other testing capabilities.

Change Toothpaste is working with the associations to help with those standards to ensure we comply.

Yes, the toothpaste tablet packages are certified compostable. Manufactured under the EN 13432 standard.

They are made from cellulose, a completely compostable material, derived from wood fibres.

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Our tablets are formulated to be soy, nut, and dairy free. They are also gluten free and vegan!


Yes, our tablets are vegan!


Yes, our tablets are gluten free.


Pop a tablet in your mouth, bite down a couple times, and brush with a wet toothbrush.


The tablets are shipped in a resealable pouch. You can open or close that pouch or use a holder of your choice.  Whatever you use, make sure you keep them sealed to prevent moisture from getting into the tablets. Trust us, you do not want to get them wet.


We’ve developed a toothpaste tablet that removes the need for a plastic tube altogether. Packaged in compostable paper bags, they reduce your environmental footprint and give you a clean, fresh brush — without any harsh chemicals.

The size of the tablet is consistent with dentist recommendations to the amount of toothpaste that should be used and no gobs of paste left in the sink.


We have consulted with dentists and physicians to ensure all ingredients are safe.


65 tablets come in a 1-month pouch.

195 tablets come in a 3-month pouch.

Enough to brush twice a day and extra to allow for unexpected breakage or the extra brush for date night.


We package in a padded mailer that is filled with 100% recycled newspaper.  Ensure the mailer is recycled after it arrives.


Toothpaste tablets travel very well, they have no liquid and can pass through TSA security with no problems. 

We do recommend transferring them to a hard container, like our travel tin as the compostable pouch does not offer much protection. For more information about our travel tin, visit a retail location near you to purchase one. 


We use Postal Services to minimize the carbon footprint associated with shipping.


Please contact our founders directly and we will do our very best to respond within 24 hours.

You can also call 1.866.226.3819


You should consult your prosthodontist.


You can, unless it has already been shipped. Send an email to orders@changetoothpaste.com and we will do our best to accommodate.


Yes! We have never, and will never test on animals.


Send an email to orders@changetoothpaste.com, let us know what happened and we’ll make it right.


At this time the toothpaste tablets do not include any active ingredients to aid in sensitivity. We may add that as a formulation in the future.


At this time the toothpaste tablets do not include any active ingredients to aid in whitening. We may add that as a formulation in the future.


Tablets that are sealed in an air and water tight container will have a shelf life of 36 months.

The tablets absorb moisture, please do not expose them to humidity for long periods of time.


Please send an email to marketing@changetoothpaste.com


Send us an email info@changetoothpaste.com