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3 Month Bubblegum Toothpaste Tablets

  • Discover our innovative toothpaste tablets, a taste-packed, waste-free alternative.
  • With 195 tablets per pack, enjoy the perfect balance of flavor and effectiveness.
  • Say goodbye to traditional toothpaste tubes and hello to an eco-friendly oral care routine.
  • Just pop a tablet, chew, and brush for a clean, sustainable smile.

$24.95 or subscribe and save 5%

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3 Month Bubblegum Toothpaste Tablets

$24.95 or subscribe and save 5%


Introducing our eco-friendly alternative to traditional toothpaste – a pack of 195 tablets that not only taste incredible but also eliminate waste!

Crafted with care, we collaborated with a dentist to curate an ingredient list and experimented with over 100 recipes. The result? These tablets deliver the same texture, flavour, and effectiveness as regular toothpaste, minus the environmental impact. Say goodbye to wasteful tubes forever! Ideal for daily use, travel, and camping, our mess-free tablet formula ensures you bid farewell to toothpaste residue in the sink.

Now, let’s delve into the reasons why our toothpaste tablets are a game-changer for both you and the planet. Every year, we contribute over 900 million toothpaste tubes to landfills and oceans globally. These standard tubes, comprised of 11 layers of non-recyclable plastics, polymers, and resins, take a staggering 500 years to decompose. In essence, every toothpaste tube ever manufactured still resides in some landfill, polluting our environment.

By opting for Change Toothpaste, you make a small change with colossal environmental benefits.

Using our toothpaste tablets is a breeze! Simply pop a tablet into your mouth, give it a couple of chews, and brush with a wet toothbrush. For adults and children aged 2 years and above, we recommend thorough brushing after meals or at least twice a day, following the guidance of dental professionals. It’s essential not to swallow the tablet. To minimize the risk of swallowing, we advise using a single tablet for children under 6 and supervising their brushing routine until good habits are established. Children under the age of 2 should consult a dentist before use.

Choose our toothpaste tablets today and embrace a sustainable oral care routine that’s kind to your teeth and the planet!


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Weight 101 g
Dimensions 12 × 22 × 0.4 cm

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  1. I love the bubblegum flavour. I found the flouride mint tablets were very hard and I had trouble breaking them down. So I cut them up and that helps. My teeth always feel clean after using these tablets. Cinnamon flavour is very good but Bubblegum remains my favourite.

  2. It really does taste like bubblegum! The tablets are extremely convenient. Packaging is very earth-friendly. Also very much like that it is a Canadian company with reasonable prices.

  3. My daughter likes the bubble gum flavor.

  4. kids love it and it is hard to find a flavour they enjoy

  5. Our grandkids like the flavour and we like the opportunity to teach about environment sustainability. If their was a kids flavour with fluoride, it would get 5 stars.

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