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Toothpaste Tablets

Just Like Paste,

Without the Waste.


More than 900 million Toothpaste tubes are entering our landfills and oceans every year on a global scale.  Toothpaste tubes take over 500 years to break down and cannot be recycled.  

A fundamental change is required and starts with you.

Our sustainable toothpaste tablet removes the need for a tube altogether.  Packaged in compostable pouches, they reduce your environmental footprint while giving you a clean, fresh brushing – without any harsh chemicals.

Change Toothpaste Tablets help you make a small change with a big environmental impact.

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Our focus.

One Small Change.  Big Environmental Impact.

Zero Waste

Packaged in a compostable pouch and are sent in a 100% recyclable mailer made from recycled newspaper. Learn more

All Natural

Free of gluten, dairy, nuts and soy. There are no harsh chemicals and are vegan. For more info click on our Ingredients page.


Pop one in your mouth, chew a couple of times, and brush with a wet toothbrush. Works just like toothpaste.
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Plastic Free Toothpaste delivered. Customize a plan for you and your family’s brushing needs. Coming soon!
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Cynthia Ann
Verified ownerVerified owner

Dry effective cleaning

4 days ago
Toews-Damude L.
Verified ownerVerified owner

Quality, effective product that considers the environment.

5 days ago
Toews-Damude L.
Verified ownerVerified owner

I really like the eco aspects of these toothbrushes. Once in a while the bristles come out though.

5 days ago
Verified ownerVerified owner

I did not receive this product. My flossers are beige and they shred right away. The company was quick to respond and said they do not sell beige flossers, but they quickly sent me a new order. Unfortunately, I got another box of beige flossers, that they have told me is not theirs, and I have not received the black ones that are shown. I've ordered the black ones in the past and they are fantastic. They don't shred either.

1 week ago
David Achtem
Verified ownerVerified owner

these are great!! I love the fact that the used ones are compostable...

2 weeks ago